5 Modern Office Design Ideas

So you’re ready for a change, and you want to modernize your office space. The problem is, you don’t know where to begin. We’ve built a list of modern office design ideas to help inspire you, and bring your office space from dated and drab to modern and attractive!

1. Team Workstations

Many offices are now incorporating work stations for their employees that allow for easier teamwork. This encourages employees to work together more comfortably. Go as casual or as formal as you like!

Check out our catalog to find tables and chairs that suit your needs: https://www.cousinsfurniture.com/office-furniture-catalog

2. Mobile Dry Erase Marker Boards

Dry erase boards allow for quick notes, weekly to-do lists, project information, and more. Having them not attached to a wall makes it easy to move your board around the office wherever it’s needed, making life easier on everyone. These colorful dry erase boards are our new favorite! Find them here: https://www.cousinsfurniture.com/marker-cork-boards

3. Lounge Areas

More companies are adding casual areas to give employees a break from desk chairs. Lounge areas make employees feel like they’re at home. Who doesn’t want to relax on a cozy couch while working? 🙂 Shop our catalog for more inspiration: https://www.cousinsfurniture.com/office-furniture-catalog

4. Bring the Outdoors Inside

People are spending more and more hours indoors these days. Adding some natural elements is a great way to soften the harsh angles of an office space. When you can’t be outdoors, bring the outdoors to you! If taking care of plants is not your cup of tea, we love these artificial options from Ikea: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/categories/departments/decoration/20492/

5. Pops of Color

At Cousins we are in love with adding color! The old days called for beige, grey, black and brown, but not anymore! Using a neutral color as a canvas, incorporate color to add character and inspire your employees. This lime green and ocean blue seating is just what the bored employee ordered!

You can use all of these ideas at once, or start simple by adding one element at a time to see how it fits! We are more than happy to help you get started. It’s what we do!

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