3 Reasons Comfortable Office Furniture Matters

Of course being comfortable is ideal, but is it necessary? Yes! Comfortable office furniture isn’t always referring to how your chair feels when you’re sitting for hours at your desk (although that is super important too!). Comfortable also relates to functional: how well does your workday flow? Is it a comfortable space? Or is it stressful because things don’t flow well?

Here are four ways to help you find more calm and comfort in your work space:

1. How you feel physically directly relates to how you perform.

Ever sat down at your desk and instantly feel fatigued, and ready to throw in the towel? This can be because your back and hips aren’t being supported properly. It’s important to have your feet flat on the floor in a natural position with your shoulders resting instead of scrunched up trying to compensate for unnatural positioning of the hips and back. One important way to help this is by making sure your chair is adjusted to a height that allows your feet to sit flat. Cousins’ Adjustable Seating Task Chairs


Take a few minutes throughout your day to step away from your desk and stretch. Bonus points for going outside in the sunlight while you take your break!

2. Being Organized Makes For a Stress Free Work Space

You’re stressed because you just received a phone call from your boss asking for a client’s contact info that you wrote down on a piece of paper….somewhere in the pile of other papers, pens, and catalogs on your desk. Why do you have piles of clutter on your desk? Because there’s nowhere else to put it. The solution? Filing cabinets, book shelves, desktop organizers and bins! It sounds very simple, but many people don’t have a proper organization system in their office. Having a place for everything gives your mind a break from needing to rush around digging through stacks of paper, files, etc., so you can focus on what’s important.
Cousins’ Storage and Filing Cabinets

3. Your Environment Sets Your Mood

Plenty of office spaces are drab and uninspiring. Add your own touches of enthusiasm with color, texture and accents! We love walking into an office that has some pops of colors like reds, yellows and lime green amongst the blacks and greys. Another way to add interest is to add some plants to your office. Cacti are an easy, colorful option if you have sufficient lighting! You can also purchase a desk chair that suits your personality. We offer tons of different options from executive to simple task chairs!

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